Ed Hogan: Featured Artist 2014 Art is Ageless® Calendar

Ed Hogan, featured artist for the 2014 Art is Ageless calendar.To show the current work of older adults, entries to the Art is Ageless® competition must have been completed in the past five years. As we grow older, physical challenges take their toll and sometimes make the tasks related to creating art difficult to perform. To honor the artwork of our elders have done in the past, older works may be submitted for exhibit only during Art is Ageless events.

In the 2014 Art is Ageless calendar, we featured Ed Hogan, a long-time professor of art at the University of Missouri in Kansas City, with one of his pieces, “The Catcher.”

Hogan’s achievements include many public art projects in Kansas City, Kan. He collaborated on the team for the Downtown Gateway sculpture and created for statues that “tell the stories of many slaves who once sought freedom across the Missouri River” along the Kansas City River Trails.

His extensive research on slave migration movements in the mid-1800s, reflected in the River Trails piece, revealed for example that slaves living in Missouri would cross the “River Jordan” (Kansas River) to freedom in Kansas. When a child was born in the state of Kansas, the father would bathe the child in the waters of a Kansas lake and raise the newborn to the heavens as a symbol of being born free.

Hogan is an inspiration for both his artistic talents and his lifelong love of the arts.

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