1. All entries must be created by artists age 65 or older.
  2. Works for the competition must have been completed in the past five years. The artist must have been age 65 or older at the time the piece was completed.
  3. Designations: Artists will declare one of two designations: professional or amateur. Art teachers and those who sell their artwork are considered professional. Those who create for their own enjoyment should enter as amateurs.
  4. Categories are defined as:
    • CHRISTMAS — Works of any medium with a Christmas or holiday theme. Local winners will vie to become the featured art for the PMMA corporate Christmas card collection.
    • DRAWING — Pencil, pen and ink, colored pencil and chalk pastels are the types of works that should be submitted in this category. Works for the local exhibit must be matted.
    • FIBER ARTS — This category encompasses works created with knitting or crochet needles, rug hooking and other fiber creations not using a sewing needle. Macramé, weaving, Afghans, crocheted table cloths and other works of this nature are appropriate for this category. Please note on the entry form if the work is created from a pattern or is an original design.
    • MIXED MEDIA/CRAFTS — Collages, china painting, scrapbook pages, dolls, some jewelry and works not covered by other categories should be entered here. Please note on the entry form if work was created from a kit
    • NEEDLEWORK — Embroidery, crewel and needlepoint are among the items to submit in this category. Pieces completed from a kit will be accepted and should be noted on the entry form, along with any modifications you may have made to the pattern or pieces. Be sure to note on the entry form whether the work is an original design or from a kit.
    • PAINTING — Watercolor, acrylics and oil paintings that are of original creation by the artist go in this category. Painting kits will not be accepted in this category. Works for the local exhibit may be framed and matted. Works on stretched canvas should be framed.
    • PHOTOGRAPHY — Entries must be 5×7 or larger black and white prints, color prints, digital prints (directly from the camera). Digital camera photos must be printed on photo paper. Submissions should not be digitally/electronically altered using PhotoShop or other computer photo re-touching software. Works may be handcolored and should be identified as such. Photos should be matted for display.
    • QUILTING — Original design, kits and/or patterns, hand-quilted, machine-quilted, appliquéd by hand and/or machine. Be sure to note on the entry form if the work is machine-quilted and/or from a kit.
    • SCULPTURE/3-D — Clay, bronze, wood, stone, metal, cloth, among other materials should be submitted in this category. The primary consideration will be whether this is a 3-D work. Works in this category must be original creations, not from a kit.
  5. Artists are limited to three entries, no more than two in a single category, for the juried exhibit. See your local marketing director for exhibition-only stipulations.
  6. Works which have won recently in Art is Ageless® local competition (first place or Best of Show) may be exhibited but are not eligible for judging in the competition. This allows others to have the opportunity to win. A work that won two to three years ago but was not selected in the system competition may be re-entered in the juried show.
  7. Submit a completed Art is Ageless® entry form for each piece of art entered, including biographical information. Completed entry forms serve as consent forms authorizing PMMA to photograph artists, their works and the printing of artists’ names in news releases, newsletters and on the Internet.
  8. Please place a small label with the artist’s information on the back of all twodimensional pieces, attached to the upper right-hand corner. Place the label on the bottom of the base of a 3-D entry. Labels should include the artist’s name and address, the title of the piece and the entry category.
  9. The local juried exhibit is the preliminary judging phase of the corporate contest.
  10. First-place works in each category, Best of Show and other pieces identified by the community marketing director, may be transported to regional photo shoots to be photographed and judged for the Art is Ageless calendar and greeting cards.
  11. A signed Release of Liability form must be completed and submitted with the art to allow the art to be exhibited and transported to the regional photo shoot.
  12. PMMA reserves the right to crop photos of the artwork.

If you have a question about the rules or would like clarification, please contact us or call Caren Remmers at 316-685-1100.

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