Virgil Penner: Featured Artist 2013 Art is Ageless® Calendar

Virgil Penner, featured artist for the 2014 Art is Ageless calendar.

It’s all in the details
Virgil Penner
Newton, Kansas

For Virgil Penner, it really is all about the details. The accomplished painter and pen-and-ink artist said people often don’t see the reality because they don’t see the detail.

In “Newton High School,” he inked every line for his class of 1956. The school they attended was built the year most of them were born — 1938. Penner wants to show with his art the beauty most people fail to see and never imagine is there. “The world is full of color,” he said. “Some see all the shades …”

For those who are looking to take up drawing, painting or another form of art, Penner said people need to “escape that right or wrong way of doing things and be free to express themselves and not worry.”


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