Rae Zahradnik: Featured Artist, 2006 Art is Ageless® Calendar

I love watercolors because of the spontaneity… and the mingling and mixing of the colors.

Rae Zahradnik, 75
Lyons, Kansas

Rae ZahradnikRae Zahradnik followed a traditional path to becoming an artist, graduating college with an art degree. She went on to teach art to both kindergarteners and college students, painting in her spare time.

She finds painting addictive and has a tough time walking away from a painting she’s started. It’s not uncommon for her to paint until 2:00 in the morning and not even realize the time.


"Kansas Sunshine" by Rae Zahradnik

“Kansas Sunshine” by Rae Zahradnik, Featured Artist, 2006 Art is Ageless® Calendar


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