Ruby Whatley: Featured Artist, 2005 Art is Ageless® Calendar

I always liked to see what I could do with things I grew or saw around me. Anything you are around, you can paint.

Ruby Whatley, 101
Dodge City, Kansas

Ruby WhatleyWhat began as a way to pass the time while her husband was traveling for work has become a way of life for Ruby Whatley. Having received no formal training in art, Ruby has gone on to create more paintings than she can count. Her favorite subjects are landscapes and flowers she has grown herself.

Her art has even inspired friends to take up watercolor classes — and captures the attention of the Art is Ageless® judges along the way, who awarded her a Best in Show in 2004.


"Out West" by Ruby Whatley

“Out West” by Ruby Whatley, Featured Artist, 2005 Art is Ageless® Calendar

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