Marty Ferguson: Featured Artist, 2006 Art is Ageless® Calendar

I do like the bright colors. You will never see a painting that I’ve done that uses subdued tones. That’s just not me.

Marty Ferguson, 78
Wichita, Kansas

Marty-FergusonMarty Ferguson fell in love with art as a young girl the day her parents gave her a box of crayons and a coloring book. She was happy for hours. By the time she entered high school, there wasn’t anything she’d rather do than paint. She’s refined her oil painting skills in many workshops led by noted artists.

Well known for her brilliant palette, one of her bright florals appears on the cover of the 2006 Art is Ageless® calendar.


"Yellow Flowers" by Marty Ferguson

“Yellow Flowers” by Marty Ferguson, Featured Artist, 2006 Art is Ageless® Calendar


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