Omar Schartz: Featured Artist, 2010 Art is Ageless® Calendar

I wish I could put my finger on what attracts me to a subject. But it’s a combination of things, colors and shapes. I really can’t define it exactly.

Omar Schartz, 79
Olathe, Kansas

Omar Schartz, 69, Olathe, KansasAs a child, Omar Schartz knew he saw colors and shapes differently from most other people. He also knew he wanted to paint. He enrolled in the Norman Rockwell School of Art, the famous correspondence school.

He put his dream aside to pursue farming, promising himself when his family was raised and he’d retired, he’d pick up the brush again. And, at age 60, that’s exactly what he did.


"Tough Pull to Silverton" by Omar Schartz

“Tough Pull to Silverton” by Omar Schartz, Featured Artist, 2010 Art is Ageless Calendar


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