Accolades for Painting of Alley Spring Mill

Fulton resident Wanda Wickell’s painting “Alley Spring Mill” will be featured in the 2018 Art is Ageless calendar.

“Even though I’m not a professional artist, in December of 2016 at 94 years old I had a desire to try to capture the beauty of lovely Alley Spring Mill at Emmince, Mo. I don’t think any painting, certainly not mine, can do it justice. For years, my late husband, Joe, and I collected the history of Missouri’s mills. Believe me, you haven’t seen Missouri unless you’ve visited our beautiful mill country! Go and enjoy!”

Wanda also won Best of Show – Amateur at the local level before going on to win at the system-wide level. Wanda may not think her painting does the mill justice, but we certainly think it does. Congratulations to Wanda and all other AIA winners!

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