Fort Scott artists among Art is Ageless® masterpiece level winners

Three winning artists in Fort Scott Presbyterian Village’s annual Art is Ageless® juried competition will be featured produced by Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America.

“Lighthouse,” a painting on sculptured relief by Tony Fornelli, won the overall Best in Show award in the professional category, and will be a featured in the calendar when it is released this fall.

“A History Lesson,” a drawing by Aaron “Skip” Smith, and “Sun up to Sundown,” a painting by Aggie Keesling, also will be featured in the calendar.

Works by local winners are automatically entered into a masterpiece level competition with winning art from 16 other PMMA communities. The winners are featured in the Art is Ageless calendar and notecards.

“We’ve enjoyed seeing Tony’s work in our Art is Ageless competition over the years, and were ecstatic to see he’d won the overall competition in the professional category. He’s certainly deserving! And to have two more artists featured in the calendar really takes the cake!” said Ginger Nance, executive director.

“I was thrilled to win, but I have to admit I was puzzled, because I thought the other carving I did was better. It was a fish among reeds and cattails,” said Tony. “It was a pleasant surprise, though. It’s a little different type of art, and it gave me a boost to try something new and win. I’ve been doing wood carvings and entering Art is Ageless for several years now, but I never did consider myself an artist. I was more of a jock. I guess it goes to show it’s never too late to take up a new interest.”

Art is Ageless, open exclusively to people age 65 and older, is a copyrighted program of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America. For the competition, works must have been completed in the past five years.


Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Art is Ageless program encourages Fort Scott Presbyterian Village residents and other area seniors to express their creativity through its annual competition, as well as art classes, musical and dramatic events, educational opportunities and current events discussions throughout the year.

Started in 1980, Art is Ageless is an extension of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s wellness programs, which focus on mental, physical, social and spiritual health. Residents and friends of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Art is Ageless program are proving that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.
For more information about Fort Scott Presbyterian Village, contact Ginger Nance, executive director, at (620) 223-5550 or

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