Resident proves you’re never too old for a new talent

Richard McCauley

Richard McCauley

Richard McCauley had never created a single piece of artwork in his life. But then he saw the painting classes on the Rolla Presbyterian Manor activity schedule and figured, why not?

That was about a year ago. Today, Richard already has a few Art is Ageless ribbons to show for his efforts. Not bad for a novice.

“I was so proud, and I so appreciated it too,” he said.

Richard attends a painting class on campus every Thursday, working steadily alongside a handful of other residents, with a disposable plate for a palette. Usually he paints landscapes from photos he finds in calendar pages. He appreciates hearing suggestions from the teacher and other students: How about a cloud here? What will you do with this mountain?

Richard does have one unusual skill that influences his technique: he’s ambidextrous. He’s been spotted sketching with one hand while he simultaneously paints with the other. But mostly it allows him to approach his painting from all angles.

“I’ll turn the picture one way and work with it, then turn it again and use the other hand,” he said.

One of Richard’s favorite paintings so far is of a lighthouse. “I have it hanging on the wall, and it looks nice, if I do say so.”

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