Micki Currie: Featured Artist, 2014 Art is Ageless® Calendar

C10bMicki Currie does not have to go far for her supply of luxurious, fine alpaca yarn.

Ten years ago she joined her daughter on a small alpaca breeding and fiber farm in Missouri. She knits many of the handmade products sold at fiber fairs and online through the enterprise, Alpacas d’Auxvasse, and bakes cookies for tour groups. A retired chemist, 85-year-old Micki started knitting as a child “back when everyone knitted” and knitted socks for World War II troops. Now her knitting “keeps me going and it makes me feel useful” she said. “I can’t sit still and do nothing.” Once a year she does an elaborate project like her winning lace-patterned shawl, which took about 600 hours to complete and nearly 1,400 yards of yarn, which her daughter dyed.


Cranberry Alpaca Lace Shawl

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