David Butts: Featured Artist, 2014 Art is Ageless® Calendar

I find it very fulfilling to do this type of art.
David Butts
Topeka Presbyterian Manor

70_017 closeCreating something beautiful from a piece of hardwood helped David Butts get through a difficult family situation 30 years ago. “It was a kind of therapy,” he said. After crafting a walnut cane for his father, he began making other objects. He whittled away lots of wood and time as he shuttled two sons to various activities. As he acquired more tools and started taking classes, he progressed to making elaborate, heirloom-quality relief carvings. “I find it very fulfilling to do this type of art,” said David, who owns an engraving business.



Taking nearly 1,000 hours to create, “Acanthus Leaf Mirror,” made from butternut hardwood, is one of the most elaborate pieces the 65-year-old has made. A common Mediterranean plant frequently stylized in art, acanthus foliage is depicted in Greek architecture and is on the dollar bill.


70_017 full“Acanthus Leaf Mirror”

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