Barbara DuBois: 2005 Art is Ageless® winner, photography category

It’s funny because I had no training in photography. I decided I had to call it Southern Clouds, because nobody would ever believe that it was taken looking south.

Barbara DuBois, 95
Newton, Kansas

Barbara DuBois, Newton, KansasBarbara DuBois’ love of art began with summer classes in oil painting, as a high school student. She has always found time for artistic pursuits — sometimes in class, sometimes with her husband out on their farm during cold winter evenings and now at Newton Presbyterian Manor.

Her award-winning photography was included in the 2006 Art is Ageless calendar — as well as in the Presbyterian Manors greeting card collection.


"Southern Clouds" by Barbara DuBois

“Southern Clouds” by Barbara DuBois, 2005 Art is Ageless®, photography category


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