Jacquelyn Wynn a winner again, earning two top prizes

Wynn-Cool-MountainsJacquelyn Wynn’s art is just a hobby, she says, not a business. But people keep buying her paintings of landscapes and wildlife just the same.

“I enjoy it when people like my work, like everyone else does,” said Wynn, a Rolla resident. “The recognition just makes me feel so very good. You do something and somebody appreciates it – at this age that doesn’t happen much.”

At this year’s Art is Ageless competition at Rolla Presbyterian Manor, Wynn won first place in the professional painting category for her landscape “Cool Mountains.” She also took home the Judges Choice award for her piece “Looking for Home,” and she even sold several paintings. Last year, Wynn won the Christmas category at the Rolla competition, and in 2012 her painting “Missouri Stream” was a system-wide winner in the painting category.

Wynn credits her parents with supporting her interest in art at a young age while growing up in St. Louis County. She took art classes in high school and throughout her adult life as well. But she remains modest about her abilities.

Wynn-Looking-For-Home“It’s not very unique,” Wynn said of her work. “I just love to do this. I like to do scenery and still life. I haven’t done people. I did a couple of portraits and decided this was not my calling.”

One of her favorite subjects is Missouri and its natural scenery. “I like to paint Merrimac Springs, but those never seem to stay home. It seems to be a good seller, especially with people who lived here and have moved away.”

Wynn said she also gets a lot of support from her husband, Lowell, who helps her get her work framed and transported to the show.

Started in 1980, The Art is Ageless program encourages Manor residents and other area seniors to express their creativity through its annual competition, as well as art classes, educational opportunities and other events. The competition is open exclusively to people age 65 and older.

Wynn said she’s grateful to Art is Ageless for giving artists in smaller towns an opportunity to show their work. “I am so glad they do this, because it’s the only thing I have taken my stuff to.”

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