Resident Clarice Wion achieves lifelong dream

Farmington resident Clarice Wion achieves lifelong dream

Resident Clarice Wion achieves lifelong dream

Clarice Wion began her lifelong dream of painting when she moved to Farmington Presbyterian Manor

Clarice Wion has lived at Farmington Presbyterian Manor since 2004 and did not try painting until moving to the community. She had always enjoyed crafting, and after attending a painting workshop offered at the community, she began sharpening her new found interest and talent.

The first painting she completed was an oil painting of a cardinal. She displays it proudly in her suite among her other artwork. Clarice’s favorite painting is a water color called “The Iris.”

Clarice explored the gardens of Farmington Presbyterian Manor until she found the flower she liked best. She sketched the iris flower until she was satisfied with the drawing. “It felt as if I drew the iris a million times before I was happy with it,” she says.

Clarice completed the painting during a water color workshop hosted by local artist Jacqueline Pell and offered at Farmington Presbyterian Manor.

Clarice has entered the Art is Ageless® exhibit several times, and she enjoys viewing the artwork by others. “I always wanted to paint and I finally got around to it with the workshops at the Manor,” she says.

The Art is Ageless program has been encouraging older adults to take up the arts and express themselves since the early 1980s.

Residents and friends of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s Art is Ageless program are proving that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition, whether someone picked up a brush for the first time before reaching 20 or completed a first drawing after turning 80.

In recognizing and honoring the many talented residents of Presbyterian Manors, the Art is Ageless program sustains the vision and the philosophy of supporting residents in the way they want to live. Way to go, Clarice!

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