Betty Piersol: From Amateur Artist to Art is Ageless® Calendar Feature

Resident Betty Piersol stands next to her artwork.When Betty Piersol first picked up a paint brush more than 60 years ago, she didn’t exactly master the craft right away.“

“The first picture I ever painted, I was so proud of it. It was a landscape, with a little stream going through it. My daughter asked me, ‘What is that in the water?’ I told her it was a rock. She told me she thought it was an alligator.”

Despite her daughter’s reaction, Betty continued to pursue, and improve, her passion.“

“I painted for a long time on my own, then went to a recreation center here in town and took classes, and then to another place for further instruction. I mostly paint flowers and landscapes.
Sometimes people.”

Betty’s late husband Ben made barnwood frames for her paintings, and she has some hanging in her room at Kansas City Presbyterian Manor. Included in this collection is a very special painting Betty did years ago called Ocean Serenity, which earned a spot in the 2014 Art is Ageless® calendar.“

“I was thrilled to be included. I’m unable to paint anymore, but it brought me so much joy when I could. I’ve been here two years, and have enjoyed seeing what others have done.”

Out of Betty’s entire collection of art, perhaps her greatest masterpiece is the large family she helped create.“

“I’ve got so many grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. If we all get together, you don’t dare get out of your chair, because there are kids all over the floor.”

While Betty’s four children and many grandchildren may not have as much artistic interest as she did, she encourages others to pursue art.“

“If you have any artistic feelings at all, you should express them. It’s fun. It’s a stress relief. Just give it a try. And don’t worry if someone thinks your rock looks like an alligator.”

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