Art is Ageless “Best in Show” Goes to Jerg Frogley

Best of Show Spalted Wood Pin Oak Bowl by Jerg Frogley.

Best of Show Spalted Wood Pin Oak Bowl by Jerg Frogley.

The “Best in Show” winner at the recent Art is Ageless competition went to Jerg Frogley from Oswego. At age 71, it was also her very first show as an artist.

“My best friend, Joan Allen, kept telling me to enter the Art is Ageless competition,” said Jerg. “With her encouragement I did, and I was very pleased and surprised with the results. I had never entered an art competition before. I never wanted to sell my work. It’s something I enjoy doing rather than a job. That takes the creativity away if you have to do something.”

Jerg’s life as an artist started in 1973 when she taught painting and art for several years. But for the last 20 years the only painting she’s done has been on the walls of rental homes she owns. “I enjoy redoing houses. If you enjoy doing it it’s not so much work. That’s creating. Any time you’re turning something old into something nice – it’s the creative process.”

Jerg Frogley's spalted pin oak bowl.

Jerg Frogley’s spalted pin oak bowl.

The process Jerg approached with her winning entry in the AIA competition was a colorful one. It’s a spalted tin oak bowl and the cracks are filled with super glue, mascara and eye shadow for color. Jerg explained that “spalted” simply means that the log had started to decay, providing lots of color and veining in the material during that process. As for the makeup? She used to make jewelry out of glue and makeup, too.

“I’ve gotten into bowl turning in the last year and a half,” said Jerg. “I also work part-time managing senior citizen housing, and my husband and I have a gun and jewelry store (‘Frogley’s Gun and Jewelry’). We’re busy most of the time.”

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