Norma "Jeanie" Gegg and her son, Tim.

Artist Jeanie Gegg picks up her brush again

Norma "Jeanie" Gegg and her son, Tim.

Norma “Jeanie” Gegg and her son, Tim.

If you have been past Norma “Jeanie” Gegg’s room recently at Farmington Presbyterian Manor, you may have been treated to an impromptu art exhibit right there in the hall.

Jeanie’s son, Tim Gegg, told us his mother has picked up her paintbrushes again recently after a bit of a hiatus. She wasn’t completely satisfied with some of the pictures she made, so she set them out, free for the taking.

Tim, however, said they looked as good as ever to him. His own home is a Jeanie Gegg gallery of sorts, with more than a dozen of his mother’s paintings on display.

“I think it gives her great joy when she does it,” Tim said. “She’s given away a lot of it. There is a lot of her work around the town.”

Tim said his sons, Jeanie’s grandchildren, also treasure their grandmother’s paintings. “There were certain pieces they wanted and did not want anyone else to get,” he said.

Jeanie has been making art for most of her life, Tim said, but she became especially prolific after her children were grown. Scenery and landscapes are her favorite subjects. As Jeanie’s abilities have changed, her scenes have become a little more abstract, Tim said.

Last year, Tim brought a number of Jeanie’s paintings from his home to Presbyterian Manor for display in the annual Art is Ageless exhibit. They were not eligible for the juried competition because they were more than five years old. But this year, Tim said his mother is ready to compete and has several new pieces ready to enter. We can’t wait to see them!

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