A Passion for the Prairie Leads to Passion for Painting

The Golden Years

After spending nearly his entire career working for the Soil Conservation Service, it’s no wonder resident Harland Dietz developed a love for the outdoors. What’s surprising, even to him sometimes, is his relatively newfound desire to paint the scenes he so admires from nature.

“I don’t consider myself an artist. I paint for therapy mostly, and I’ve never taken a class. One day I just started painting things that are interesting to me. I’m particularly fond of the prairie. We lived in a lot of different states over the years, and we decided one day we’d buy a painting that represented every state we lived in. We could easily find mountain-scapes and seascapes, but no prairie images. So I said, ‘Well by gosh I’m just going to paint one.”

Harland may not consider himself an artist, but after recently entering (and winning at the Masterpiece Level) the Art is Ageless® juried competition here at the Topeka Presbyterian Manor, others certainly think of him this way. His painting, “The Golden Years,” will be featured in the Art is Ageless calendar this fall.

Harland and his wife Anita have only lived here for a year, but have already begun making a big impact.

“We really need a designated art area and the former pool table room on the 4th floor would make a perfect spot. I’m working on making this happen, so hopefully we’ll be able to set up and have art classes there soon!”

Look for Harland’s work, along with work of local Charles E. Moore (Hippo-Drama Clock) to be featured in the upcoming calendar, and for the work of Barbara Fuller (Three Wise Men) to be featured on greeting cards.

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