Ray Pitman: Featured Artist 2013 Art is Ageless® Calendar

“Creating something new is just really a great feeling. I like getting rid of boring.”

Ray Pitman
Olathe, Kan.

A fascination with pens led Ray Pitman into a hobby that has become more than just a way to occupy his time. “Pens” is a collection of miniature works of amazing art that brought passion, activity and friendship into his “retirement.”

“Kicking back, that’s no fun,” he said. He was looking for fulfilling activity after a career in industrial design and manufacturing. Decorated pens fascinated him, and after taking a class, he began experimenting with designs, materials and precious stones to make a functional pen that also was beautiful and unique. Now, in addition to being a volunteer entrepreneurial mentor, Pitman teaches others about making their own pens.

“I strongly urge others to get involved. It gives you an outlet, keeps your mind working. I love being involved.”


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