Creativity, the need for recognition and acknowledgement and the need for accomplishment never go away. As we age, our ability, or lack of ability, to be mobile and engaged with our surroundings directly affects our ability to meet these needs.

However, art of all kinds can help us meet these deeply personal needs. Whether it’s creating an art project, engaging with other people, looking at or listening to ‘art,’ it is a valuable experience and it makes us feel valued as an individual and part of a group.

Whether you are creating or consuming artistic endeavors, your moods and emotions will be better for it, according to a 2010 study. In another large study, researchers found significant connections between people either observing or participating in art and good health, satisfaction with life, reduced anxiety, and lowered depression for both men and women.

At Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America, our senior living communities offer opportunities at all levels of care to participate in the creation of art and appreciate others’ artistic talents.