Instructional opportunities

Presbyterian Manor of Mid-America communities offer many opportunities for residents to express themselves through a variety of creative endeavors. Culinary arts, writing, painting, drawing, jewelry making, craft projects, music, theater and more are celebrated on our campuses.

Residents discover hidden talents in Gina’s Art Class

Don Lloyd and Perry Hunsley highly recommend Gina's class.

Don Lloyd and Perry Hunsley highly recommend Gina's class.

"I'm a terrible artist."

"Don't look at mine."

Gina Lee hears these statements over and over, from art students in their teens up to their 90s. But Gina doesn't let those beliefs persist. She knows that with a few basic techniques and encouragement, we can all discover our inner artist.

For almost a year, Gina has been visiting Salina Presbyterian Manor once a month to guide our residents through an art project. She has a small, devoted core of regular members, and many others drop in to see what it's all about, sometimes after seeing the latest creations on display in the resident gallery. Read More

Rolla residents get creative for Easter

Residents at Rolla Presbyterian Manor participated in Easter egg decorating activities, creating intricate designs using different colored fabric.

Residents made Easter Eggs with fabric.

Residents made Easter Eggs with fabric.

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The arts are still alive in Sterling

Residents paint pumpkins at Sterling Presbyterian ManorYou don’t have to be an “artist” to enjoy art.

“When I am leading an art-related activity, I hear all kinds of reasons not to participate. Most frequently I hear ‘I am not an artist,' but my request is that they at least try,” Activity Director Jon Van Veldhuizen remarked. “While I generally offer activities based on the interest of our residents, it is nice to have a curveball now and again.”

Over the past year the Sterling Presbyterian Manor residents have participated in various art projects: painting birdhouses, painting ornaments, painting pumpkins, making tile coasters, sand art, and even molding with clay. Oil painting has also been popular, with Maintenance Supervisor Roger Riggs sharing his passion and talent with the residents several times throughout the year. Yes, the arts are alive at the Sterling Presbyterian Manor. If you find yourself needing a change at least try some art.

Art Discovery grows out of Art is Ageless®

Foil art

Art Discovery, a program of Salina Presbyterian Manor, grew out of the Art is Ageless® program. Art Discovery provides an artist a creative outlet, space and programming on a regular basis that is open to all Manor residents. Guest instructors come in for specific classes, such as photography, culinary arts, floral arranging and other creative avenues.

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